Tree Care
Tree Cutting and Removal, Pruning and Crowning, and Tree Planting

Trees from time to time require care from an expert arboricultural company. From Meredith to Gilford, Moultonborough to Center Harbor to Holderness, Tree Solutions, LLC is a trusted service that truly cares about your trees.

Tree pruning

There are numerous types of pruning our crews perform to keep your trees healthy or improve your landscape such as:

Crown cleaning

Removal of dead, dying, diseased or crossing branches. This is done in a variety of trees and shrubs from large shade trees and towering evergreens to fruit trees and shrubs.

Crown restoration

Improving the structure of the canopy by repairing storm damage or improper pruning done in the past. This process usually takes several year to allow the new growth to

Crown raising

Remove selected lower branches to raise the height of the canopy. This is commonly done for vehicle or mower clearance.

Crown reduction

Lower the height of the canopy. This is usually done for view improvement or utility clearance. Our crews can reduce a tree using proper pruning methods and avoid the damage done by " topping".

Tree Trimming, even in Winter!
Stump Grinding

Tree Removal

As much as we love trees at Tree Solutions, there are times when the only option is to remove them. We utilize numerous techniques and equipment to do this safely. Whether manually climbing, an aerial lift or a crane is required, our crews have the skills to do it in a safe efficient manner.

Stump Grinding

After the tree removal, the stump is usually cut low to the ground. When it is still unsightly or in an inconvenient location our stump grinder can remove it.

Tree Planting

When you need to add or replace a tree, Tree Solutions can help. We will discuss the goals of the planting project with you and discuss what type of tree or shrub you have in mind. Then we will make recommendations of which type of tree will do best in that location. We will also review the maintenance required once the tree is planted. When it is time to plant, the crew takes great care when planting your tree from digging a proper width planting hole and measuring the depth to ensure the tree is planted at the correct height/depth. Improper planting depth is one of the leading causes of tree decline. In some cases, planting a tree just a few inches too deep can cause the bark to decay and the tree to decline.

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